Honey, I’m Home!!!…well sort of….   2 comments

Well today was the day us Georges finally returned home–to Dundee!!!  It was actually quite interesting.  Not really a lot to see there but we did a lot of driving around the area.  One place we wanted to go is called the Dundee Law.  It’s probably the highest point above Dundee with an incredible overlook of the area.  Sun wasn’t in a good position at the time of day we were there but we took a ton of photos anyway.  It was rather moving to be standing there on top of that hill thinking that at one time our g-grandparents had probably hiked up with their kids to see this incredible view and were standing in similar places that we were standing in right at that moment.  I’m really glad we had a chance to visit our old “home”.

Here are a couple of shots from up on the Law:

Before we got to Dundee, we stopped by and visited Aberdour Castle–one of the oldest castles in Scotland.  It is the ancestral home of the Mortons and Douglases.  Tons of fascinating history that happened here.  Beautiful scenery as well.

We spent the rest of our time today in St. Andrews—stopped at the Golf Course, of course! 🙂  But the REAL excitement came in visiting the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral and St. Andrews Castle.  The Cathedral just blew us away–it was huge!!!  MUCH larger than any of the Abbeys we visited the other day and much larger than St. Giles.  What it must have been like we can only imagine but we were just astounded by all that we found there.

The ruins of the Castle were just down the street and we didn’t have as much time to visit it but found it incredibly fascinating with all the history and things that happened there.

We absolutely loved St. Andrews and the weather was probably the best we had of our entire trip so far.  Nothing out-of-the-ordinary happened today, no “Plant Crossings”, nothing like that.  The countryside was beautiful–not as beautiful as the Border country we just visited–but still beautiful.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting Edinburgh Castle, Sterling Castle and hopefully one other that might be in the area.  Time changed here, too, and so it gets dark early–which is a bummer because we’re having a hard time getting up as early as we’d like 🙂  Oh well, tomorrow’s another day…

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Posted October 31, 2010 by Howard George in Aberdour Castle, Castle, Cathedral, Dundee, St. Andrews

2 responses to “Honey, I’m Home!!!…well sort of….

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  1. Howie: Love your blog….looks like you are having a great time…Beautiful photos…I need to put Scotland on my “bucket list”.

  2. Howie,

    What a great trip you guys are on and thanks for sharing it as you go. I’m following it everyday and enjoying it. However, I do want to remind you that I was the first over the fifth of forth. Which means you are either the second, third or forth over fifth of forth. And since you all probably came back the same way there is a one and three chance you may also be the sixth over fifth of forth. But who’s keeping tract? Keep the post coming.

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