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So glad to have the internet working again.  We had a great time again, yesterday.  We just spent the day touring the Royal Mile and checking out all the shops.  Even stopped in at a pub for dinner.  Of course I had to have some REAL Fish & Chips and was VERY surprised when they brought it out to have the fish portion the whole side of a large fish!!!–but it was terrific!!

Spent some time in St. Giles Cathedral where John Knox used to preach.  VERY impressive.  I was so caught up with taking photos I forgot to take some time to get up in the pulpit to get a feel for what it must have been like—as a minister I always find taking some time to stand where so many others have stood to deliver God’s Word very moving.  I’ll have to remember to do that later.  To stand where John Knox once stood…..

I’ll include photos from yesterday with the slide show collection from today.

Today however…..we decided to get away from the city.  Our first stop was Rosslyn Chapel–made famous by the book and movie, “The Da Vinci Code”.  I’ve known about this place since I was a kid–long before the book ever came out.  The Georges are a sept of the Clan Gunn, and the Gunns have been closely associated with the Sinclairs–who built Rosslyn, so that is why I wanted to see it.  It was extremely interesting–you could spend days studying the carvings.  All so very different and unique.  But the thing that surprised me the most was it’s size.  It was MUCH smaller than I had expected it to be!!

Unfortunately, photography on the inside is not allowed and the outside, with scaffolding and construction items for the preservation work, did not lend itself to attractive photos but I took a couple anyway.

Headed out to tour the Border Abbeys after Rosslyn.  Now I had always heard that the pace of life was a little slower over here but on the way we came across a sign that brought that notion to ridiculous extremes….

REALLY…you’ve got to be kidding….

But then later we saw a sign for a CRAWLING Lane….

The first Abby we visited was the Melrose Abbey.  Built in 1136,  one of the significant things at this Abbey is that this is where the heart of Robert the Bruce is buried.

We next visited Jedburgh Abbey.  Established in 1138 with 9th-century Celtic stonework that survives from an earlier structure.  We tried to get to Dryburgh Abbey, where Sir Walter Scott is buried but we didn’t make it in time–they had just closed.  So we decided to go up to Scott’s View and catch some photos before the sun went down.

If we have time we’d like to come down here again.  The Border Region is breathtakingly beautiful—especially now with the Fall colors.  Sometimes we were so amazed by the beauty that we would forget to take photos……

Ryan and Ben are doing a great job driving, and I’m actually happy for them to drive–I get to see more that way and I don’t want to miss anything.  One thing is for sure—GPS is a MUST!!  Makes traveling SOOOO much nicer.

Well, the guys want on the computer so I’ll add a slide show of photos from the past couple days and turn the laptop over to them….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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